The paintings shown on this site are not for sale as such. In fact, many are no longer my property. However, I do take commissions for anyone interested in an original, unique space art oil painting with an astronomical theme.





Price does not depend on size but depends on complexity (delivery is at cost however). The simplest and cheapest option is a picture based on one on this site and would start around £250. The nature of oil painting means that no two pictures are identical but they can be sufficiently similar for the buyer to get a good equivalent of the picture displayed on this site. Something completely new might sometimes cost more and would need some careful discussion before the project began.


In any case when I take a commission I first like to talk over the project with the client. This is obviously completely free and without commitment.  This discussion is a very interesting process for both parties.

If the project is agreed I'll take a deposit (non-returnable) and make a start. I'll send an image of the partially completed work to the client at a stage when enough progress has been made to make clear how the finished painting will look. At this point the client can ask for changes (within reason!).








Paintings are standard sizes and framed.


In my opinion these paintings are best presented in a simple black frame. 


There is no glass in front of the painting because oil paintings can take months, even years, to dry completely and a glass cover may affect this process or itself become stained.


They can be supplied with or without a mount (border). The mount will obviously reduce the area shown. I don't recommend a mount as they can discolour and collect dust and without a glass front are difficult to clean.


Note pictures can be painted 'portrait' or 'landscape', that is with the longest side vertical or horizontal. This should be specified at the time of ordering.





There are three standard sizes of frame available: -



Size 1


Picture without mount, width: 30 cm

Picture without mount, height: 40 cm

Mount viewable width: 20 cm

Mount viewable height: 29 cm

Frame width: 32 cm

Frame height: 42 cm

Frame depth: 3.5cm



Size 2


Picture without mount, width: 40 cm

Picture without mount, height: 50 cm

Mount viewable width: 29 cm

Mount viewable height: 39 cm

Frame width: 42 cm

Frame height: 52 cm

Frame depth: 3.5cm



Size 3


Picture without mount, width:  50 cm

Picture without mount, height: 70 cm

Mount viewable width: 39 cm

Mount viewable height: 49 cm

Frame width: 52 cm

Frame height: 72 cm

Frame depth: 3.5cm



Other sizes are possible at extra cost.