About the artist

I was more than interested in science as a teenager and an avid reader of science fiction. They gave me a sense of wonder about the universe and the scales of space and time. I had a small telescope that fed this but also introduced some frustration. In those days there was no technology such as used today by NASA and other institutions to produce impressions of distant places and times. 


Basically, if I wanted to see what some scene in space looked like the only way was to do some trigonometry to get the right perspectives and paint it myself. This genre of painting was affectionately known as "rocks and balls". Now it is better known as 'space art', paintings with astronomical themes.  


Now technology has given us CGI and photo like simulations of scenes in space and of course there is a lot of thoughtful sci-fi on screen no longer held back by lack of suitable special effects. There is also a lot of art produced with various computer packages. However, I still get a lot of satisfaction from creating an image by hand.


This site shows paintings I created in traditional oils. They were created from the sense of wonder that began in my teens and still inspires me.       


Initially the concept starts in my imagination but where relevant I do calculate the positions, scale and perspectives of pictures that represent something real. I also like my pictures to have some sort of geometrical simplicity.


My background is in science and I am a proud geek, not that science and art are incompatible.